Need help categorizing your story, poem, or artwork? You're in the right place..just follow our guidelines below and you'll be all set!

  • First make sure that your user name is a category, this will help everyone find the stories you've written.
  • Then decide what you're submitting:
  • Short Story - less than 500 words
  • Novella - more than 500 words
  • Poem - if well, it's a poem
  • Next decide what type of story this is (choose only one)
  • Humor - use this if your story is mostly funny
  • Romance - use this if your story is mostly romantic
  • Dark - use this if your story is mostly dark or scary
  • Next you'll want to let people know if your story is based off Canon information, or Non Canon information.
  • Canon - related to True Blood
  • Non Canon - this is just something you've written that you think the community might enjoy but doesn't have anything to do with True Blood
  • Then you'll want to make sure all the main characters in your story are added as a category (ex: Bill, Sookie, Eric). You'll even want to categorize your own characters, this will help people track them in the stories you write.