This is an example of how to upload a story.

  • Be sure to add your user name as a category in each story you add. For example if you look below you'll see the category "Xean" which is my user name.
  • Make sure you add the appropriate categories to your story. For instance if this is a funny short story I wrote about Eric and Sookie I would use the tags: Humor, Short Story, Eric, and Sookie (as I have done below).
  • If your story has some characters you created, make sure to tag them too, as I have done below with "Miss Bite"
  • If your story is longer, use the category Novella. These are generally stories with more than 500 words, or stories you plan to submit multiple chapters for.
  • Check out our Category Suggestions page if you need help deciding what categories to use for your story.
  • If the story has more than one chapter, make sure that you title the page with each new chapter. So in this example if I added the second chapter of my story, the page would be called My Story-Chapter Two.
  • Please note, I have added categories to this story that I wouldn't normally just to show you all your options. Remember, you can only choose one of the following: Short Story, Novella, or Poem.