=== Bold text === as i do a mistake i start to ealize that i loose my mind aqs i make mistakes and i cant think so people remmember that i am perfet and i cant make any mistakes because then i loose my mind and if i loose my mind you loose yourws as well for your sole belongs in my body for now till you read the bible and realize that we are all one here on erth my your body controles me so treger it as if it was yoiurs because it is when we leave and go to hheven every body is going to look like me and addam so just don't forget that my body has more then one person inside of them so when i lok diferent then that means another person is comming in so aside from the fact that my man loved me enogh to create 50 of me and me three of him beause of the fact that i am every body thats what coused the none love of me towerds him so addam if you are out there i love you and i as eve answer i love you 2 and i understan now why you did not like me its not so confuseve its just a sole mate in my body like the wife and her solemate my love is unconditinal what about yours so get ya shite together up in hjere because i don't play that souds demanding but i got to let people know that is not a game. so what i say goes no mater what you want. or do you cant never get ried of me you can never ever get ried of me ever you can kill me i will lose my mind but you will be killing y7our self and getting a passport to hell.